And Where The Coloured Planes Are Rafts (1998)

by Antony Milton

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Recorded on North Stradbroke Island off the coast of Brisbane in Australia in 1998 this tape was originally released on my old tape label Wire Bridge packaged in a small book of paintings and drawings. It was then reissued alongside Sirens as a single CD by Last Visible Dog in 2005.
I was working part time doing kitchen work and had maybe the best lifestyle happening that I've ever achieved. We'd somehow scored a flat with very cheap rent and I had hours every day to walk around the stunning tropical beaches and wild rock headlands, go swimming and bodysurfing, fishing and still have time left over for recording and painting. I don't know why we ever left!
There seemed to be a lot of acid around in those days and psychedelics were still a big part of my life and what I considered my spirituality at the time. I remember being obsessed with trying to crack the 'code' of the landscape at this time, tried to learn to read the shapes of ridge lines and horizons like a text. Not in a grand sense I hasten to add- but more like divining from tea leaves- reading ones own sub-conscious through the act of attempting to read in itself.. I was quite serious about it at the time. Haha.
William S Burroughs died while I was recording this record. He'd been something of a hero of mine- one of those that I considered 'total artists'- people who were totally committed to following the magical understanding of art to its occasionally disturbing conclusion. I recorded the track 'A Majoun Trail' in memory of him and also his notoriety for making the best hashish candies in Tangiers.
Out the Window and Away- the closing track- was recorded as part of an imagined sound track for a supernatural western that I never quite got around to writing.

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released September 8, 1998

All tracks by Antony Milton
Attached book pages/paintings by Antony Milton



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Antony Milton New Zealand

Antony Milton is a sound artist based in Wellington, New Zealand. He has been active in the underground and experimental music scenes since the early 1990s. He is also the curator of the PseudoArcana label.

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